Wednesday, December 17, 2008

September 10, 2004

Hi all,

Last Sunday Kensington Garden was full of people enjoying the scorching 80º F temperatures, running, walking, reading, napping, sunbathing, playing sport. On one of the winding trails, I found the statue of Peter Pan; I've attached a photo of it to this email. It is difficult to see in the photo that the animals surrounding its base have been worn smooth by many little hands, but the bronze there is lighter, and the details have become a little fuzzy. It's lovely.

We've been in London for 10 days and it was only yesterday that we experienced our first rain. It was a light rain that lasted only half an hour. This weekend is supposed to be the first with fall-like weather, but so far this morning it is sunny and warm. It looks like a good day for the Curry Festival and River Race. I should have some good shots to send of those. Hope all is well where you are. Love from London, Robin

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