Tuesday, December 16, 2008

September 2, 2004

Hi, all,

Wow, it’s great to feel human again. Seems like I overcame the jetlag pretty quickly by following the plan; stay up as long as possible on day 1 and sleep all night. When we checked in yesterday, I got really lucky. I’m one of very few with a private room, bath included. The only downside is my room is on the 5th floor, and the elevator only goes to 4. Good thing I found a strong, young Brit to help with my bags yesterday. Although I packed as lightly as possible, 4 months away requires some stuff. I’ve already found the best buy in town: a cup of white, sweet coffee for 30p. Hurray for vending machines.

Walked miles yesterday trying to get my bearings. We are really close to a lot.

Haven’t made it to the park yet, but that’s on the agenda today between an arranged city tour complements of FIE this morning and an orientation session this afternoon. Later a group of us is going out to take advantage of our tube cards and soak up some atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere, the weather has been gorgeous since we arrived. Yesterday was sunny and warm, and today promises much of the same. I’ll be carrying my umbrella, though; one never knows.

Okay. Time to get downstairs for that tour.

My love to you all.


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