Wednesday, December 17, 2008

September 13, 2004, Part II

Hi, all,

Change of plans. I know I wrote that I was going to go to the half price ticket office for tonight's performance, but checked my school schedule and discovered that I have class from 6-9 tonight. Went down anyway just to get out. Leicester Square was already hopping at 10:15 am as the lucky stiffs who can attend the theater tonight were queuing up for tickets. We went on a walkabout through China Town and Leicester and Piccadilly Squares. Duck is very popular here judging by the number we saw hanging in restaurant windows. Yum, can't wait for some of that on a pancake with sauce and spring onion. We comparison shopped Dim Sum and found a reasonably priced place to try some time.

The big Swiss clock in P Square is always wrong. Please note the correct time on my watch in the bottom right corner. Not very good advertising for Swiss clockworks. Let's hope they do better when it comes to taking care of money.

We stopped in at a Kabob shop for lunch. Avoid the lamb. Trust me on this. The camera timer went off just as I discovered I should have done.

On the way back to the tube station we ran into these guys on scooters. Not sure what that was about, but they were friendly enough and waved when they spotted us. I think Kate got a better picture of them. If so, I'll forward it on later. All that and back at home by 12:30. More soon.

Love from London,


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